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LiPo Saver. 4 Cell, 14.8V (5509883)


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  • Manufactured by: J. Perkins


  • Dual function unit for Li-poly battery packs:
  • LED warning with low battery (3V per cell) function
  • Unit allows use of normal nicd/nimh speed controller function
  • Voltage Warning Indicator using bright L.E.D.
  • Weight - 4g
  • Size - 12 x 6 x 25mm
  • Lead length - 29cm


Allows you to use standard ESC with your Li-Poly battery

Lithium batteries must not drop below 3 volts per cell. This device will indicate through the warning LED when your

Battery has reached 3 volts per cell thus keeping your battery safe.

Connect in parallel to your Li-Poly battery (Soldering and heat shrink is required).

Mount the LIPO SAVER in a position to give the best view of the LED warning indicator for when the model is flying.


and at the earliest opportunity once the warning LED lights up.

Make sure when soldering to the battery the red wire is connected to red and black to black

Always re-charge lithium batteries after use.

Please see the, J. Perkins distribution web site for full Lithium Polymer (Li-Poly) safety information.

Always make sure you use a fully charged Li-Poly battery before use.

Keep these units away from vibration, water or fuel.

Do a full range check before using. Do not use if range is under recommended range for your radio equipment.


When fitting this LIPO SAVER make sure not to twist the warning LED so the legs touch together.



Use the correct voltage LIPO SAVER for your Li-Poly battery, either 1,2, 3 or 4 cell.

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