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Glow Fuel and methanol can only be supplied in multiples of 4 gallons.
Diesel fuel can only be supplied in multiples of 2 of 1/2 gallons.
(This applies to mail-order customers only, shop customers can purchase single gallons.)
The prices shown for glow fuel and for methanol is for 4 gallons.


Fuel orders are despatched separately from other goods and hence the postage and packing charges shown below are in addition to postage and packing charges on any other items ordered.

Please note the following carriage charges on ALL fuel and methanol orders for multiples of 4 gallons or diesel fuel for multiples of 2 of 1/2 gallons is £20.00.
This charge is the same whatever quantity of fuel is ordered.


Why not get a fuel order together with your club mates and share the postage and packing costs?